Enigmas Around Huge Granite Burial Chamber


These days archaeologists met by chance the Egyptian death monument that recalls a faded past. 

The large tomb is made from a dark block of granite covered by a thick layer of mortar – the seal of the years. It may be the biggest found in Alexandria until now. It weighs 27 tonnes (59,500lb), protecting inside three mysterious dead bodies. It was found without any clue. Initially, workers excavated the place to prepare it for a construction. Now the rich-in-past site from Sidi Gaber district of Alexandria may be a damned spot.

The Three Brave Warriors

History tries to determine the identity of the 3 fallen into death rest. And why do they have such a big coffin? A hypothesis unwraps the mystery. In 323 B.C. after Alexander the Great passed away, descendants from Alexander’s generals had the power of Egypt in their hands. In 30 B.C. the Roman Empire desired to conquer Egyptian land. The three fought bravely for Egypt ruling, being eulogized after death with the largest sarcophagus.

We found the bones of three people, in what looks like a family burial… Unfortunately, the mummies inside were not in the best condition and only the bones remain – affirmed Mostafa Waziri, secretary-general of the Supreme Council of Antiquities.

Inside the sarcophagus, it was found red-brown sewage water that drowned almost the whole bones. The presence of the mummy bone juice could have damaged the artifacts buried inside. The sarcophagus was delivered to the Alexandria National Museum, and more information is still awaited.

The Mummy Legend

Some fear that opening the burial chamber will attract the revengeful curse of the mummy inevitably.

In February 1923 the curse of Tutankhamun was believed to be true after the spontaneous death of Lord Carnarvon.  He was bitten by a mosquito and died in a short time from fever. More stories came out, as in which the pet bird of Lord Carnarvon was consumed by a snake, his dog also died when his master reached Egypt and more people that went in contact with the discovery died in obscure circumstances.

We’ ve opened it and, thank God, the world has not fallen into darkness. […] I was the first to put my whole head inside the sarcophagus… and here I stand before you…I’ m fine – said Mr. Waziri


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