Earth-Like Replica Discovered By NASA’s Kepler


NASA’s Kepler space telescope is always used by scientists to look out for different exoplanets that may show remarkable features. However, when Kepler shows an exoplanet that may have incredibly similar life conditions to Earth, things start to get interesting.

How does Kepler show planets?

This telescope has been used by scientists and astronomers for almost a decade. The telescope scans plenty of stars in order to discover small dips in brightness. This dip may suggest that a smaller planet orbits the star and Kepler could not get a clear view of it since it was in its perspective.

Who made this finds and what did they uncover?

A couple of Japanese astronomers found out 15 new exoplanets, among which there was this Earth-like planet, healththoroughfare states. They found this out when examining the reading done in the K2 phase. The K2 phase marks a period of time in which the telescope encountered a number of small problems with its satellite camera. During this period, the telescope recorded over 2500 exoplanets.

The 15 new planets are part of what scientists call the Super-Earth category, one that has planets that are only about 1.5 to two times larger than Earth.

K2-155d – more Earth-like than we thought

This planet is about 1.6 larger than Earth, a measurement that is acceptable for a planet that is relatively not that far away from our own. The major problem is that scientists have yet to calculate or uncover the gravity level on it. It could be just like the gravity that we have here on Earth due to the low density of the planet but more tests need to be taken in order to determine that.  The planet also has an atmosphere that is incredibly similar to Earth. All these observations were done by scientists who operated on a simulation of the exoplanet.

More measurements need to be taken in order to find out every detail about this planet but, so far, things look very promising for K2-155d.

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