Dead Alligator Gar Pulled Out Of A Louisiana Lagoon


A colossal alligator gar was discovered in a lagoon in Louisiana. The entire discovery happened at Lafreniere Park, in Metairie. The fish was deceased, but the cause of death remains unclear at the moment. Officials do not know for how long the fish was dead, but its awful odor is what helped park employees to track it. As it turns out, the fish was deceased for quite some time, and it was already rotting.

A spokesperson also explained how the fish could have reached the lagoon. As it turns out, the lagoon is “connected to a drainage canal via large concrete pipes. We believe the fish got into our lagoon that way.” The smell was described as “stomach-turning” by one of the employees at Lafreniere Park, in Metairie.

The Dead Alligator Gar Pulled Out Of A Louisiana Lagoon Created Quite A Buzz On Social Media

The lagoon measures 14-acres in size, and it is 16 feet deep in certain areas. The news scared most people, especially after pictures of the alligator gar appeared online. “What is that?!! Did a fish and an alligator mate? Omg, that’s scary, and it’s so big. Is it a fish? What type with a mouth so big?” commented one user on Facebook.

The good news is that alligator gar is not known to be dangerous. While it does look terrifying and it can be almost the size of a man, the creature isn’t known to attack people. Its eggs could be dangerous, but only if they are consumed by humans, which shouldn’t be the case.

An alligator gar can grow up to 10 feet in length, and some of them even managed to reach 300 pounds. Gars used to live in many parts of the world, but nowadays they can only be found in Central America and North America.


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