Conspiracy Theory On Apollo 11 Moon Landing Reignited – Have The Astronauts Spotted Aliens On The Moon


The Moon landing was one of the most critical events in the history of humanity. The landing took place back in 1969, but some mysteries continue to live on. As you can remember, radio communications were cut short, and many believe that there was something to hide. “What happened in those two minutes has been subject to a lot of controversies,” explained Dr. Michael Salla.

For conspiracy theory lovers, those two minutes represented the proof that NASA lied about everything. According to the book author David Childress, “the astronauts apparently talked about seeing extraterrestrial objects on the Moon, including flying saucers parked along the edge of a crater within their view.”

Mike Barra is a well-known conspiracy theorist, and he also believes that astronauts saw something on the Moon, which made them very upset. According to Bara, medical channels hold the truth.

Aliens on the Moon? Is that what the Apollo 11 astronauts spotted during their Moon landing?

“Now the truth of it is that each of the astronauts had a separate medical channel. That channel was not public, and it could have been very easily used to communicate information that you didn’t want to be heard over the general public transmissions,” revealed Mr. Barra.

“What is really interesting about that story though, is the fact that within 30 minutes of landing on the Moon, that story was circulating around NASA that, hey guess what, they saw something on the rim of the crater, they were all upset, they didn’t know what to do, they didn’t know if they should go out,” Barra added.

More and more people seem to believe this theory, and they also think that the body language of the Apollo 11 astronauts after returning home represents the proof for that. In reality, we’ll possibly never find out what precisely happened during those two minutes of radio silence during the Moon landing, but we guess that aliens on the Moon were not involved in this one.


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