Beresheet, Israeli Lunar Lander, Is On Track For Its Moon Landing


Israel’s lunar lander is closer to the moon than ever. Beresheet’s mission is to land on Earth’s satellite, and recently it managed to enter the lunar orbit. The spacecraft is supposed to land on the moon on April 11th. Beresheet has been traveling for a couple of months since it launched back on February 21st aboard a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket.

The calculations of the scientists proved to be extra accurate, as Beresheet manage to enter an elliptical lunar orbit within 9 minutes of the time it was predicted to do it.

Moon capture! Critical lunar orbit capture took place successfully. Beresheet is now entering an elliptical course around the moon, as we get closer to the historical landing – April 11th,” Israel To The Moon (@TeamSpaceIL) said on Twitter a couple of days ago.

Now the spacecraft is supposed to use successive burns in order to reduce its lunar orbit until it can land on the moon with one single final burn.

With Beresheet, Israel will become the fourth nation to complete a moon landing

“A lunar capture is a historical event in and of itself — but it also joins Israel in a seven-nation club that has entered the moon’s orbit,” said SpaceIL’s Morris Kahn in a statement. “A week from today, we’ll make more history by landing on the moon, joining three superpowers who have done so.”

The superpowers mentioned by Kahn are the United States, Russia, and China, which have all landed on the moon in the past. China was the latest one, managing to reach the dark side of the moon earlier this year.

However, Beresheet is the first private mission achieving that. The spacecraft was engineered, funded and launched by Israeli private space industry. More than that, the Israeli lunar lander wasn’t that expensive either, as its cost was of only $100 million.


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