Asteroids Mining Is The Next Big Thing And Could Enrich Every Man On Earth With $100 Billion


The next “Gold Rush” will not happen on Earth but in space. More specifically, on asteroids. Believe it or not, asteroids mining is in perspective, and many companies are already developing new technologies to commence this new way to get profits. As reported by NASA, cited by Advocator, asteroids possess an inimaginable value – $700 quintillion.

A simple math calculation would show that, with such a tremendous value, asteroids mining could enrich every single person on Earth with $100 billion.

As we speak, companies like Deep Space Industries are working on developing to send manned missions to these precious asteroids, while other companies, such as Asteroids Mining Corporation, based in the UK, are working on building small mining spaceships to sent them on platinum asteroids to mine the precious metal which, they say, would be used to finance future missions.

Also, James Cameron’s Planetary Resources, in the US, is thinking about deploying robotic rovers to mine precious metals on asteroids.

Nonetheless, such a revolutionary achievement, which is mining asteroids, might create a massive imbalance in the world’s economy, some specialists say.

Asteroids mining will be the next “Gold Rush,” and NASA wants to be the first on this boat in 2022

The history has proven that there can’t be a space mission of great importance without NASA getting involved. The same applies to the future asteroids mining.

NASA is planning to launch the so-called Psyche mission which will target an asteroid rich in metal, 16 Psyche, which is worth about $11,000 quintillion. That is 1.1 × 1019 U.S. Dollars. If that didn’t help much, let me tell you, it’s astronomical, literally.

As “the road to Hell is paved with good intentions,” NASA says that asteroids mining is the ideal solution for that inevitable moment in the Earth’s future when all the metal resources on our planet will deplete. And we all know how valuable are the precious metals in various industries, from computers components manufacturing to constructions, and beyond.

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