Ancient Martian Water System Suggests That Alien Life On Mars Existed


Mars hides the remains of an ancient Martian water system which has been identified by scientists in a recent discovery. The researchers agree that the finding suggests that there used to be alien life on Mars. While today the Red Planet is mostly desolate and dry, in its early history, large bodies of water, both on the surface and in the undergrounds of the planet, existed. There is a growing body of evidence showing that.

The Mars Express mission from the European Space Agency gathered some information which it was used by scientists to locate an ancient Martian water system. That is vital for researchers to understand when and where water existed on Mars especially as they are tracing past alien life on Mars.

Underneath the southern pole of the planet, a team identified a vast lake of liquid water hidden a year ago. However, the wet days of Mars are over.

Alien Life On Mars Existed, according to the discovery of an ancient Martian water system

In addition to all that, the scientists used data gathered by cameras on board the craft orbiting the Red Planet and this way they explored 24 craters measuring thousands of meters below the surface.

The minerals found within the craters, apart from their shapes, were also analyzed by scientists. Thanks to this analysis, the experts now have some clues they can use to decide on the history of Mars. To be more precise, they to make sure that alien life existed on Mars. Silicates, clays, carbonates revealed by their study are the same material known to be at the base of the emergence of life, the so-called blocks of life.

The ESA indents together with Roscosmos, the Russian space agency, to launch their ExoMars rover in 2020, so they can search for aliens by exploring the surface of the Red Planet. The rover is named after Rosalind Franklin, the DNA pioneer, and it will arrive on Mars in 2021. Once there, it will hunt for signs of life using a drill to extract samples from beneath the planet’s crust.


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