An Asteroid Bigger Than the Eiffel Tower Passed Earth


NASA recently tracked an asteroid that is bigger than a 100 store building. It passed the Earth on Saturday. The asteroid is called 2006 QQ23, and it could have hit Earth with a force of 500 times of the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima. There’s a video showing the model of the asteroid, which is about 1860 feet in diameter at its widest point.

The asteroid came close to Earth on Saturday, the closer one since 2001. It missed the Earth with 4.6million miles, but NASA believes it to be potentially hazardous. This situation made people fear that asteroids could hit our planet.

The president of the nonprofit organization B612 Foundation, Danica Remy, works in protecting the planet from asteroids. She said that she is 100% sure that we will get hit, but she does not know when. She then added that the real issue is that they need to have an inventory of all the asteroids, that they don’t have yet.

NASA has not discovered such an asteroid, and it estimates that at least 95% of the asteroids that are 1 km or larger have been recorded. None represents a threat to our planet.

Asteroids that as large as 2006 QQ23 would get rid of an entire city is there is a direct collision, as per NASA.

How dangerous would a collision be?

According to a simulation from NASA, the Federal Emergency Management Agency and other agencies, such collision with an object like 2006 QQ23 would kill 1.3million people. The simulation took place in May.

The manager from NASA’s Near-Earth Object Observation Program, Kelly Fast said that they need to be able to find all of the asteroids and then categorize their orbits precisely. They need to do this in order to calculate them in the future.


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