Aliens Made God, According To The Renowned “Ancient Aliens” Presenter, Giorgio Tsoukalos


Giorgio Tsoukalos is known for being the presenter of the famous TV show “Ancient Aliens”, available on History Channel. Now, he came up with a crazy theory that aliens made God as he believes that ancient humans were worshiping extraterrestrials as deities, s reported by Express UK. While he was invited to the annual UFO meeting known as “Contact In The Desert”, held in Indiana Wells, in California, USA, Tsoukalos made public his belief that early people considered aliens to be gods because they presented advanced technologies taken as “magic” powers by the ancient earthlings.

Giorgio Tsoukalos, however, is known for its weird theories, the majority of which he has the opportunity to present during the renowned “Ancient Aliens” series broadcasted by History Channel.

According to him, “the reason that we’re in the crap that we’re in today is because of misunderstood technology. The reason we have religion today is because of misunderstood visits of extra-terrestrials.”

Aliens made God, according to Giorgio Tsoukalos, one of the “Ancient Aliens” TV-show’s presenters

Tsoukalos thinks that ancient humans’ civilizations show clear signs of the aliens’ presence on Earth during those time, as well as clear signs that humans considered the visitors from outer space as gods.

He said that such signs are observable in Egypt or Central America, both civilizations being characterized by pyramids.

However, Tsoukalos’ theories are widespread on social networks thanks to his presence in the “Ancient Aliens” TV-series but, on the other hand, his hypotheses are described as extremely speculative and implausible even by aliens believers.

“The producers provided the window dressing of giving both the true believers and the skeptics some screen time. In the end, however, the final presentation was heavily stacked in favor of those who believe in ancient astronauts,” explained the Historian Ronald Fritze, cited by Express UK, commenting on the conference Tsoukalos held at the event he was recently invited to where he stated that aliens made God.

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