Alien Civilizations Could Be Behind The Deep Space Fast Radio Bursts That Puzzle Astrophysicists


Not long ago, a team of Canadian astronomers spotted weird and repeating fast radio bursts (FRB) signals coming from deep space. That was the second time in history when scientists detected a repeating deep space FRB. While the origins of these fast radio bursts remain a mystery to astronomers, some other scientists have an even more bizarre theory on this topic. Senior SETI astronomer Seth Shostak, for example, believes that alien civilizations could be behind mysterious deep space fast radio bursts.

Despite the many photos and footages showing UFOs or even extraterrestrials, humanity has not yet established contact with an alien civilization. At least, not officially, if we are to believe conspiracy theory enthusiasts. However, we sent signals into space and even probes, hoping that we could get in touch with extraterrestrials.

But what if the aliens are doing the same things? What if extraterrestrials themselves are struggling to contact other civilizations? In case they’re indeed doing that, advanced alien civilizations might use fast radio bursts to establish contact.

Alien Civilizations Could Be Behind The Deep Space Fast Radio Bursts

“Could that be aliens that are in those galaxies and they have some need to get in touch? Well, maybe,” said Senior SETI astronomer Seth Shostak on ABC News Live. “It is something new, every time we see something we’ve never seen before that is an opportunity to learn something new about the universe,” also added Dr. Hakeem Oluseyi.

While he believes that alien civilizations could b behind the deep space fast radio bursts that still puzzle the astronomers around the world, Seth Shostak also unveiled on ABC News Live that, in 1997, SETI recorded a signal that was really promising. “We had picked up a signal, and it was passing all the tests. That looked like the real deal. I was there waiting for the Men in Black to show up,” Shostak said.

However, we did not establish contact with extraterrestrials, but could alien civilizations be behind the deep space fast radio bursts? Maybe, the researchers agree, at least until astrophysicists find that the source for this brief and strong signals is something else.


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