3 Astronauts from International Space Station to Return Home Safely


Three astronauts came back from the International Space Station to the blanketed frosty -level grounds of Central Asia, finishing a mission which lasted 5 an a half months.

How was the return?

The astronauts, two Americans and one Russian arrived in a Soyuz capsule not long after the dawn on Wednesday (local time) in Kazakhstan, where the temperature was beneath cold. Flight controllers dreaded that snow and freezing precipitation may hamper recuperation endeavours, however, NASA said the climate wasn’t so awful as had been said and the pick-up groups got to be where they should have been.

Joe Acaba, Mark Vande Hei, and Russia’s Alexander Misurkin left the capsule one by one, smiling, waving and pumping their fists in the air as they were carried to outdoor seats. Medical staff wrapped them in thick blankets while taking their pulse and making sure they were doing okay.

The space travellers looked at the space station only a couple of hours before, embracing the three men staying behind. Officer Anton Shkaplerov spoke through the radio station, staying that they already miss them.

What did they have to say about this?

In giving over the captain’s business to Shkaplerov, Misurkin kidded that, well, “at least ” him and his two crewmates didn’t break anything and ideally made some great scientific discoveries. And they surely did, they lived there, on the space station, since September.

Acaba is the first astronaut of the Puerto Rican legacy and he was previously a teacher. He collaborated with another teacher space-explorer, Ricky Arnold, who’s starting in three weeks, to play out the science lessons arranged by Christa McAuliffe 32 years back. She, unfortunately, lost her life in the Challenger launch disaster.

NASA intended to rush Acaba and Vande Hei back to Houston, with Misurkin going to the astronaut base-camp at Star City, Russia.

A substitution group, including previous instructor Arnold, will lift off from Kazakhstan on the 21st of March.

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