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Canadian Food Guide To Undergo Major Changes

Canadians, say goodbye to the Food Guide as you know it: the new version of this document, which is the…

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At the Shared Earth Farm, Rébeka Frazer-Chiasson laid floating tarpaulins on her young seeds to help them survive the low temperature that accompanies the start of the season. Photo: Radio Canada / Anaïs Brasier

A Cold Rainy Spring Spells Trouble For Farmers In New Brunswick

This year, spring is marked by a lot of rain and temperatures below normal, conditions that do not delight New…

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Farmers are lagging behind due to heavy rainfall in the last two months. Photo: Radio-Canada / Marc-Antoine Lavoie

May’s torrential rain hurts farmers in the Ottawa area

The large amount of rainfall in May still prevents many farmers in the region from planting their seeds. A stark…

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Another Roof Top Garden Sprouts Up In Quebec

QUEBEC – On one of the institution’s roofs, an area of ​​141 square meters was converted into a community garden…

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garden on a concrete roof in Saskatoon

Saskatchewan Sets Up Urban Gardens On Roof Tops

Employees at the University of Saskatchewan have set up an urban garden on the roof of the College of Agriculture…

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Our Fruits And Vegetables Are Not Always Green

The climate assessment of fruits and vegetables transported by air or from heated greenhouses is highly negative, WWF estimates. Twenty-five…

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Alternatives to pesticides, the story of an organic farmer

On the occasion of the “Pesticide Alternatives Week”, we asked a cereal grower to explain the changes in his daily…

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Cows at New Farm Ranch near Zhoda, Manitoba Photo: Shirley Barca

Manitoba Farmer To Sell Farm After Being Robbed Of 150 Cattle

Owners of a livestock farm near Zhoda in southeastern Manitoba decided to sells of their livestock after they were robbed…

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Which Breed Of Laying Hen To Choose For A Chicken Coop?

The chicken is the new star animal of our gardens. In addition to providing fresh eggs, it feeds on our…

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What You Need To Know About Chicken Coops

Before buying your chickens it is important to know where to house them! You can find on the Internet and…

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