Why Should CBD and other Cannabinoids be Legal?


To legalise it or not – this is the question that has been the subject of discussion not for several decades, but for centuries.

In fact, cannabis trade regulations began to emerge as early as the 16th century. Although many concessions have been made worldwide since then, this is still a subject that is being pursued by legislators at both national and global level. This is further complicated by the fact that some countries have legalised cannabis and others have not. Some states or states want to legalise cannabis because of its therapeutic properties, others for recreational purposes. Still others believe that it should simply be legalised, without any restrictions. Here are some of the many reasons why cannabis should be legalised around the world.

It is used for health reasons

For many years, CBD has been successfully used to help people with serious health problems, especially cancer patients. People with cancer should not have to go to states or countries where it is legal, just to get a medicine that will improve their quality of life and make them feel better. Due to the stigma of cannabis, many patients are simply afraid to reach for it. In addition, legalisation will allow patients to obtain cannabis for therapeutic purposes without having to overcome numerous obstacles. It turns out that marijuana has proven therapeutic properties, not only for cancer patients.

More stress-free travel

If a person lives in the territory of a state or country where marijuana has been legalised for medical purposes, he or she is safe from being imprisoned in that state/country, but not when he or she has to go abroad. By legalising cannabis, you’ll be safe and stress-free when you carry cannabis with you.

Safer than alcohol or other legally prescribed medicines

Alcohol and prescription drugs are responsible for almost 20 000 deaths a year, while cannabis is safe and will certainly not kill anyone. For marijuana to be considered harmful, it should be used so much that it is simply unfeasible. So if you find out that your kid has been watching youtube videos about the best way to smoke hash you shouldn’t worry. In comparison with the opioid epidemic raging across the America and Canada this is toddler’s stuff.

Legal sales would be useful for young adult people.

More than 25 million people consume cannabis every year, and this number is constantly growing, especially among teenagers and young adults. By buying it from illegal sources, young people gain access to more harmful drugs. Legalisation would eliminate this dangerous problem.

Savings in court costs

Every day thousands of people are arrested for using or possessing cannabis, resulting in overcrowding of courts and excessive litigation costs. Legalising cannabis will eliminate court costs and allow courts to focus on serious court cases.

Less overcrowded arrests and prisons

With so many arrests and prisons for using or possessing cannabis, detentions and prisons are overcrowded. Feeding and supporting these prisoners costs taxpayers a fortune. In addition, more and more money is needed to build new and bigger prisons that can accommodate all detainees.

Additional income

Whether it’s cities, states or states, income is always important. Marijuana is one of the most common crops and its legalization would create new jobs in the area and throughout the country. More jobs means more income, and that in turn will help our declining economy. Just think about the taxes that would be imposed on cannabis sales. Such a large income would be extremely helpful in paying for many government programmes.

Multi-purpose product

One of the varieties of hemp  can be used for various practical purposes, raging from the production of fabrics, string and even as litter for animals. There are so many uses of cannabis that it is impossible to list all of them. It is estimated to have more than 40,000 applications.

A plant full of nutrients

Hemp seeds are very nutritious and rich in omega-3 fatty acids, calcium and iron. Hemp is used in many food products, for example salad dressings, bars and chips.

Personal hygiene and health objectives

Hemp is used as a personal care product and is also used in the production of certain body lotions, shampoos, moisturizers and soaps. The oils contained in these products are not only good for the skin, but can also prevent heart attack.

A plant that is easy to grow and environmentally friendly

Unlike many other plants that require fertilisation and chemicals, cannabis has more limited needs. They are also resistant to pests, which means that there are no harmful insecticides in the soil and their cultivation is environmentally friendly. In fact, in some areas


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