Why Getting Mental Help as a Young Person isn’t Something to Be Ashamed Of


May is Mental Health Awareness Month. It’s a month where the population looks at the growing mental health crisis and the lack of funding that surrounds it. Mental health comes in many forms. Some people don’t have any mental health problems, but should still try to keep their health up for the future. Others have severe mental health problems. All of them have something in common: they should seek help if they want to improve their overall mental health.

The problem is that many do not, especially the younger generation. Some younger people feel that mental healthcare is pointless, unaffordable, and have been told their problems aren’t big enough to warrant care. They don’t have true responsibilities yet like children so why should they worry?

If you are young and have this mindset, here are a few reasons why you should reconsider.

You Need Strong Mental Health as You Age

When you get older, your mental capacities decline. However, many people lose their mental capacities not just because they are aging, but because they didn’t care for their mind. Your mind is like a sword, and if it isn’t sharpened, it will dull. You can stimulate your mind in many ways, and a therapist or a counselor can help.

Your Problems Are Valid Too

To an older person, your problems may not sound big in the grand scheme of things. If you are in high school, relationship drama may sound insignificant to your parents. If you are in college, school work sounds a bit too easy to someone who has a job.

However, they don’t know your perspective. All your problems, no matter how small they seem, are valid, and if you need help, you should look into speaking to a therapist.

Mental Health Problems Are Rising

Even if you don’t believe you have any mental health problems, you may do. Because they’re easier to diagnose, and because of all the problems the world is facing, many people are dealing with problems more than ever. Talking to a therapist may allow you to discover that yes, you do have problems, and it’s okay for you to get the help you need.

You May Not Be Living a Healthy Lifestyle

Some young people may ignore their health because, well, they are young. However, a lack of sleep, lack of exercise, and not paying attention to your mental health is still damaging, especially as you get older. Asking for guidance to be healthy is nothing to be ashamed of. If anything, it’s a sign that you’re strong and want to improve yourself. You can also learn about healthy lifestyles at any age by going here for more info.

There Are Many Options

If you live in a place where mental healthcare appears to be expensive, there are still many options. Professionals may work pro bono, or offer a discounted rate depending on your income. If you are going to school, there may be on-campus options available. There are quite a few options, and as a student, you should work hard to look for them.

Online Therapy is an Option

Many young people do not seek help because traditional, in-person therapy is difficult. Maybe they don’t have the transportation, or perhaps they are having problems fitting therapy in their schedule. Online therapy allows for young, and old folks to communicate to a counselor through texting, phone, or video chat. Sites such as Regain make this process easier than ever, and it’s discreet.

There is no shame in getting mental help at any age, especially if you are young. Get the help you need while young, or else it may grow.


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