We May Have Water in the Earth’s Lower Mantle


A recent study on diamonds helped researchers reveal that we may have water in the Earth’s lower mantle. The study, which was conducted recently, looked at microscopic pockets of crystallized water molecules in a trapped form. The leaders of study used diamond samples to find out more on this topic.

Diamonds Are a Scientist’s Best Friends

According to the study of diamonds, water may be found more commonly than we thought at extreme depths in the Earth. The lower mantle may contain more water, with proof of it being found at around 640 km deep and maybe even more. Meanwhile, the oceans are measured to a depth of 11 km, although water exists well below this level. However, how deep this water can be found is a topic for ongoing research.

The recent study was published in the journal Science. As we mentioned, it explored the microscopic pockets of the crystallized water molecules in diamonds. The diamonds were chosen from locations such as Africa or China. The tiny traces of water were found in inclusions, which are spaces measuring a few microns in length. There, the scientists found the molecular signature of ice. They added that the crystallized evidence most likely formed from water in a liquid state, which existed a high pressures.

More Information from Water

Thanks to the structure, as well as chemical studies, the scientists who conducted the study could determine many other things. For example, they found out the temperatures at which the diamonds formed, together with the respective pressures. That’s how they could also know that depth of their formation.

The composition that was found in the fluid there consisted salt, oxides, and carbonates. However, the specialists can’t determine yet how much water in a fluid state exists in the transition zone of the Earth. In the future, there are more diamond studies expected to help with uncovering more information about our planet.

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