We Finally Got our First Interstellar Visitor But it is Not What You Think it is


If you got excited thinking that some uncanny evidence of extraterrestrial life has just entered our solar system we are sorry to disappoint you. Were that to happen we are sure that it would have already been on every news channel worldwide but what just entered our solar system is far away from being boring.

What are we talking about?

Astronomers were shocked to see a cigar-shaped asteroid come into our solar system last autumn. Who found this out? Well, Alan Jackson, from the University of Toronto, stated this Monday a lot of things about this asteroid. First of all, he wanted to say that the asteroid comes from a binary star system.

Not everyone knows what that is but the name implies the meaning. A binary star system is a system where two stars orbit one common center. Jackson and his team believe that this asteroid, named Oumuamua, came into our solar system because it was ejected by its original solar system once planets started to form.

More about Oumuamua

The team of scientists wanted to say that they believe that this asteroid had to wander around for a long time before it finally came into our galaxy. Since it was discovered by a Hawaiian telescope this October, it was given the name Oumuamua. Oumuamua means messenger, a fitting name.

Scientists have uncovered the fact that Oumuamua is more than likely tumbling through space after it collided into another asteroid and the force of the impact sent it tumbling at a speed of around 16 miles per second. The rock formation is almost 1,300 feet long, scientists say.

Initially, the team believed that Oumuamua was just another icy comet but, upon closer inspection, they found out that it was more than that. It was an opportunity to study the rock formations, if scientists could get a rock sample in the near future.

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