We Are One Step Closer to Mars


We all have a lot of questions about Mars, and now we are closer than ever in setting foot on the surface of the planet.  A chief engineer from NASA said that the planet is very hot right now.

As you probably know, NASA’s mission to Mars is launching next year, and it is called Mars 2020. This is not the first mission when it comes to Mars.

Let us go through history for a bit

The Viking lander got on Mars in 1976. The Sojourner rover got there in 1997. The twin rovers, Spirit and Opportunity, arrived on the Red Planet in 2003. In 2012, the Curiosity rover got to meet the surface of Mars, as well. This last one is still there.

Curiosity was the one to show that Mars is, actually, habitable for life. The mission Mars 2020 will hopefully answer some of the most interesting questions out there. This brand new rover has new cameras, lasers, and sensors that will carefully analyze the surface of Mars. They will be looking for signs of ancient life. They will also collect rock samples to bring them back to Earth.

The rover will also go there with a stowaway. This one is a fellow robot that will detach after the rover is on Mars – it is kind of a miniature helicopter. It was made to fly about 90 seconds. It cost $23 million. We need to keep in mind that this is the first time we are getting a helicopter on another planet.

NASA has a plan to send even more cargo to Mars, and they include people. When it comes to a timeline, they said that they were thinking about the mid-2030s. They want to create a rehearsal stage right on the moon. It is actually an excellent ground for the first mission on Mars.


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