Two People from Fullerton Tested Positive for the West Nile Virus Pesticide


Just recently, there were mosquito samples collected in Fullerton and 29 of them have been tested positive for the West Nile virus. Besides the mosquitoes, there were two human cases as well, according to officials, which has turned this case into one with a higher risk of people getting bitten and infected by mosquitoes which are capable of transmitting the disease.

Starting with early Thursday morning, a program of pest control started in the city. The officials resorted to pesticide spraying from devices mounted on trucks so that the activity of the West Nile virus in the area to be significantly reduced. Lora Young works for the Orange County Mosquito and Vector Control District and she said that 3,989 properties from the city will be treated with pesticides.

Between the 24th of August and the 28th of September, there were 29 mosquito samples identified and two people have also tested positive for the virus, according to Young. From those 29, 27 samples were collected from the areas chosen to be sprayed by crews from 2 a.m. to 5 a.m. on each day through Saturday.

Young said that one of the individuals who tested positive lives in the area as well. This increase of detected activity means that residents are at a higher risk of getting bitten by an infected mosquito. So far, health officials didn’t make it clear to us as to the reasons why is there an increase of West Nile virus activity in Fullerton. Young said that “it could be a number of small backyard sources contributing to that”.

Officials use the DeltaGard pesticide, which is water-based, for the first time and it is apparently safe for people and pets and it shouldn’t damage the finish of your car or of your home.


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