There’s a New Theory of Gravity That Explains Galaxies


Some simulations of galaxies demonstrate how Einstein’s general theory of relativity is not really the only one to explain how gravity works and how galaxies are formed. There is this new theory, the Chameleon Theory, that represents an alternative.  

From this new study, we see a computer-simulated image of a galaxy from above. We can see the gas density from the disk of the galaxy, and the stars are the bright dots. You can also see the force changes of the gas.  

Ever since the early 1900s, Einstein’s theory of gravity was the best one out there that could explain how the universe works. The theory has been continually proven, even recently, with the first photo of a black hole.   

There’s a new theory out there 

Scientists are now stating that this theory might not be the only one to explain everything. They had success with an alternative model for gravity. The new theory is called the Chameleon Theory. The name comes from the fact that the theory proves that gravity changes its behavior according to the environment. It is an alternative in explaining the universe. It can also help in better understand dark energy.   

The authors of the study are called Christian Arnold, Matteo Leo, and Baojiu Li, and they are from Durham University’s Institute for Computational Cosmology. The simulations they used show that the galaxies such as Milky Way can still take shape in the universe even if there are different laws of gravity. Some earlier research has shown that the Chameleon Theory is a success. It allows the laws of gravity to be changed. This means that they can test the effects of gravity on the process of galaxy formation. With the help of their simulation, they were able to show that even if they change gravity, galaxies could still form.   

All the findings were published in Nature Astronomy.  


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