The Wife of a White House Official Declared that Women in the Military Should Expect to be Sexually Harassed


Life’s not easy when you or someone from your family is a public figure. People will judge you no matter what you do or say, but they will be harsher if you make some controversial statements. On the other hand, it looks like some famous people don’t care about the public opinion.

This is the case with Darla Shine, the wife of Bill Shine, White House deputy chief of staff for communications. These days, she ended up under the spotlight for expressing some thoughts and beliefs ten years ago.

Darla Shine is not just a White House Official’s wife. She was also the host of a radio show named after her. Furthermore, she is a declared sexist, but this is not what causes so many critics.

According to a report published recently by CNN, in 2009 Darla Shine made some disturbing statements during one of her show’s episodes. She declared that women shouldn’t serve in the military; this action is pure insanity and if ladies decide to be in the front line during war, they shouldn’t be surprised if they are sexually harassed.

She continued by adding that women who go through this shouldn’t complain about it. In addition, Darla Shine made other controversial statements as well. She went against sunscreen, saying that is not as effective as people think, the swine flu was just a Governmental technique to show citizens their influence and that Barack Obama was unable to get a security clearance while he was running for the US Presidency.

How did the White House respond

Since the report was published, The White House did not respond to any of Shine’s remarks. The officials refused to make comments on any of the statements.

Maybe these things wouldn’t have been brought back to the surface if the former radio host wouldn’t have expressed some racist medical theories on her Twitter account. The posts were reported by the Mediaite website and as a result Darla Shine deleted her social media account.


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