The UK Government is Making Important Steps for Women’s Healthcare


For many years, women’s health was a taboo subject. Back in the past, many doctors mistreated women, and even as things evolved, there continued to be a certain stigma when it came to women talking about their health.

However, things are slowly changing, and one of the things that we can appreciate, are UK Government’s efforts when it comes to female healthcare. There have been some important things that managed to make a change.

Encouraging girls

Most women still need encouragement when it comes to taking care of their health. That is why, it was very important that the Prime Minister talked about smear tests at Prime Ministers Questions. Young girls were encouraged to take the test, and this was very important, as it transformed the topic into an open one that is more accessible.

The smear test is an important one because it manages to prevent 75% of cervical cancers. However, many women are not going to those appointments and that should concern us. Cancer is a serious disease that can be devastating.

The National Cervical Screening programme was another step forward. This programme targets women between 25 and 64 years and all girls from age 12 to 18 have a chance to get the HPV vaccine free. This vaccine is supposed to prevent more cancers, and it will become the primary screen test for women from 2019.

Other improvements

Even at a global level, we can talk about positive changes that were made to the women’s health. For example, the UK Department for International Development decided five years ago to spend £35million towards ending Female Genital Mutilation. As a consequence of that, this issue became more well known, and the Female Genital Mutilation was strengthened in the UK.

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