The Cause for 5 year old Saskatoon Boy’s Death has been Uncovered


It is never comfortable to read about someone’s death on the news. It gets even more uncomfortable when it is the death of a 5 year old boy.

Who was he and how did he die?

The boy’s name was Ahmedsadiq Hussein Elmmi. The tragic event happened on the 11th of September. The boy was a student at the Ecole Dundoland School. He was found in a pond near the school, the pond in question being from a park where parents would usually bring their children. The boy was found in the pond during recess and he was rushed to the hospital where he was declared death.

A death like this does pose a number of questions for the family and for police as well. The Saskatchewan’s office of the chief coroner ruled this death to be purely accidental. They also said that no further inquests will be held in this case.

What can be done for the future?

Since the family encountered a loss that was traumatizing for them, as the loss of a child almost always is, the office issued a number of recommendations to prevent future accidents like this from happening. One of their recommendations was to get teachers to pay more attention to students during recess. Moreover, ponds should not be so close to schools so that young kids would not have to get in an accident like this little boy did.

This boy was also going to an daycare that close to his kindergarten school. The office, upon finding out that the little boy was autistic, stated that people that take care of children in daycares should pay more attention to kids with special needs.

All of these recommendations should be adopted in order to prevent future tragedies like this one from ever occurring. We should all be vigilant.

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