Sunday Night Was Show Night for Onlookers, as the Moon, Saturn, and Jupiter Aligned on the Southern Sky   


Last weekend we had all seen the astronomical alignment that involved the Moon, Saturn, and Jupiter. It was an excellent deal for stargazers of all ages. It started on Friday night when the Moon paired with Jupiter in the southern sky. But Saturday night was the night when the three celestial objected paired when the Moon appeared directly between Jupiter and Saturn.  

The show ended on Sunday night when the Moon swung by Saturn. It was not as close to the planet as it was to Jupiter some nights ago, but the two were quite easy to spot on the sky. There were no telescopes needed to see the two planets and the Moon. However, by having one, you could have seen many details, and even Pluto, which was in the same area of the sky. Onlookers could also see some shooting stars that were associated with the Perseid meteor shower, which happens on Monday night.   

The meeting between the Moon, Jupiter and Saturn represented an excellent opportunity for stargazers to familiarize themselves with some new telescopes because the three objects were very easy to find. They revealed some extra details of the planet. Most of the glasses were strong enough to catch the four largest moons of Jupiter, which looked like four small stars near the planet. Some stronger ones were sufficient to focus on Saturn and its rings, even on its largest Moon, Titan.   

Pluto was also there, however, difficult to find  

Those of you who are more experienced with telescopes, and they were looking for a complicated object to find, Pluto was also there. However, it is too small and too far away from Earth to be seen with the naked eye and, unfortunately, with the basic telescopes, as well.   







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