Strange event happen while NASA was observing a supermassive black hole


We have written this article to tell you about an unprecedented NASA discovery. Keep reading if you want to find out what we’re talking about.

What was the shocking discovery?

Well, NASA observed closely a certain black hole and they found something unexpected. The strange thing was a huge light coming from the supermassive black hole. The astronomer that made the discovery also posted on Twitter a timelapse of the black hole and we were able to see an intermittent light that was flashing for more than two hours.

The alleged causes of the phenomenon

Of course that NASA and the astronomer that discovered it wanted to figure out the reason behind this phenomenon. They came up with two main possibilities that we want to share with you. The first one is that the bright light was caused by another star that was in the proximity of the black hole. That could have determined a different flow of the gas inside the supermassive black hole. The other reason could be the passing of a gas cloud close to the black hole. That event happened in 2014 and NASA is talking about the fact that the flash was just the delayed reaction of that phenomenon.

Now, a couple of telescopes are observing the black hole in case something similar will happen again. The U.S. space agency believes that these observations will improve their analysis of the black holes in the future.

What‘s the name of this supermassive black hole?

The black hole is called Sagittarius A*. If you’re wondering where it’s situated, we’ll give you that detail as well. Sagittarius A* is in the middle of the well-known constellation Milky Way.

That’s all we have so far about the supermassive black hole and the bright light that beamed from it. We’ll keep you posted.


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