SpaceX and Boeing Astronauts will Wear Custom-made Spacesuits


Astronauts that will participate in the 2019 SpaceX and Boeing launches will wear spacesuits designed by the companies.  The lighter spacesuits will be employed when the astronauts are either in flight, or in the new Dragon capsule and space shuttle. A different suit will be used for launch and entry, and the old suits will be used for spacewalks.

The spacesuits proposed by Boeing and SpaceX have special features. The Boeing spacesuit uses advanced materials in order to be more flexible and resistant. The helmet and visor are a part of the suit and are safer in the long run. It also-features a modern vent system that allows the suit to be cooler and more easily rto pressurize according to the needs of the user. A full suit, which also includes an integrated shoe similar to a sport model weighs only 20 pounds with all the accessories. It is almost 10 pounds lighter in comparison with the launch and entry suit.

While the SpaceX suit looks like a futuristic space pilot suit, its main purpose is to be used inside vehicles, a comfortable alternative to other, more restricting suits. Musk has not announced a proper space suit yet, but there are speculations that one is in fact in development. The suit was used in the launch of the Spaceman earlier this year but it has been confirmed that it lacks any protective shields or systems and were you to use outside the ship you would die within minutes.

A 2018 launch was previously planned for both projects, but due to some failures observed at the NASA security tests, both projects have been delayed until 2019. NASA will not give the green light until it is absolutely sure that the astronauts are not exposed to any uncontrolled risks.

It remains to be seen how the projects will evolve in the long run.


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