Solar System to Have Been Damaged by Star Fly


A new study has uncovered the fact that comets and asteroid may still be affected up to this day by a stellar encounter that happened almost 70,000 years ago, at a point were humans were already living on Earth.

What did they find out?

They found out that a reddish star came into our solar system and disturbed the gravitation of a number of comets and asteroids. The study that came up with this finding was published in the scientific journal Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society: Letters.

The team of researchers found out that this stellar encounter only disturbed the comets and asteroids that were the closest to it, not all hyperbolic objects that were in this solar system at the time.

If we were to associate this event with what was happening on Earth, when human started to leave Africa and Neanderthals were the human species that existed back then, the Scholz’s star was approaching the Sun. This star was named by the German astronomer that discovered it.

The Scholz Star

70,000 years ago this star was just about a light year away from the Sun. Nowadays it is almost 20 light years away from it.

This discovery was done back in 2015 by a team of researchers who came from the University of Rochester in the US. They were led by Professor Eric Mamajek.

New study

A team of researchers from the Complutense University from Madrid have decided to analyze the 340 object from the solar system which have hyperbolic orbits and could have been affected 70,000 years ago. They uncovered the fact that only a number of them were influenced by the Scholz star.

The most interesting fact is that our ancestors would have been able to see this light show in the night when it was happening and it would have been a sight to remember.

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