Snapchat Marketing Tips which will help you Defeat your Competitors


Unlike its larger social media competitors, Facebook or Twitter, Snapchat is more like that story of the Little Engine that could. It isn’t too hard to figure out why that is. If you paid attention, you noticed how underestimated this app was by both marketers and various brands. Snapchat is often dismissed as a real advertising opportunity due to the reputation it has as just a social media platform. While it is true that a lot of teenagers and young adults are using it, this app capable of image sharing has plenty of capacity for generating leads and keeping profits rolling in.

Here’s how they do it. At first, you should focus on a younger audience. Snap Inc., the app’s developer, designed this app for teens and recent data shows that they are capable of keeping their audience engaged. So, you should really try to catch the attention of your target audience by either creating an interesting story or by including some fun filters, like Snapchat did.

Then, you should look into pushing promos and launching products. A high engagement rate, almost 4 times bigger than the one of Instagram is capable of providing you with an ideal place for launching your latest products. NARS, a makeup brand, launched their latest products with some great success on Snapchat.

Last but not least, collaborating with influencers can be a really effective strategy. This way, your company can get big audiences drawn in thanks to their content being viewed by both the company’s base of followers plus those that come from the influencer. Audi is a prime example of such a story. After it partnered up with Pretty Little Liars, the car company got 115,000 followers for its Snapchat account.


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