Sky Watching During Day – Top Space Objects


Watching the sky at night can be an incredibly pleasant activity. Nonetheless, although it is hard to believe, the sky can be just as interesting during day. There are certain space objects that can be seen during daytime, although it might be more difficult to spot them.

The planet Jupiter

It is not easy to see Jupiter in the sunlit sky, but this does not mean that it is impossible either. The atmospheric conditions should be perfect and you will need good eyesight as well. There is a better chance to see Jupiter when it is about 90 degrees away from the sun in the sky. This happens when Jupiter is at quadrature. You will be able to see this in summer, at the beginning of August.

The planet Venus

Not many people know that you can see the planet Venus in the sky during day. This is something that can happen only under the right conditions, but it remains something that anyone can do. If you use only your eyes, Venus will look like a small white dot.

You will see Venus better if the sky is dark. This way, there will be a contrast between the bright planet and the sky. In June you should be able to spot it in the west after sunset.

Earth-orbiting satellites

If you look closely you might be able to see the International Space Station. At times, this satellite is the third brightest object visible in our sky, right after the moon and the sun. However, this depends on the position of ISS.

You can also spot an Iridium communications satellite. This has reflective surfaces so it might reflect enough sunlight to be seen. The light will appear as flashes which are known as Iridium flares.

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