Scientists Discovered an Extraordinary Star with a Higher Amount of Lithium


The astronomers at the National Astronomical Observatory in China recently came across a star that displays high values of lithium. They believe that the start itself is capable of producing this element.

At first the people at Xinhua News Agency reported this incredible finding and now all news outlets disperse this important information.

Why is it so important?

Not too long ago it was believed that, because of its high temperature, Lithium couldn’t exist in the deeper layers of the atmosphere. That’s why, until recently, the presence of Lithium in extremely hot red giants is in really small amounts.

The scientists explained that, until 1982, there wasn’t a single case to disprove this hypothesis. However, that’s when the first red giant that had high amounts of Lithium was discovered. At first, scientists were baffled because this star didn’t fit the standard for existing models of stellar evolution, making it a unique occurrence.

It didn’t stay like that for long because in the next decades astronomers were able to discover other 150 similar stellar objects. What’s even more incredible is the fact that among these 150 stars there were 3 that displayed a Lithium content of up to 3.3 percent.

What about this star?

This one that was recently discovered, TYC 429-2097-1, has an even higher amount of lithium, about 4.51%. Scientists weren’t sure as to how is it possible for a star to have such high levels of lithium.

They reached the conclusion that the start itself is able of synthesizing Li. This was possible through lots and lots of studying stars and simulating results.

As a side note, there are people that believe that sometime in August we are going to be visited by aliens. Apparently, they received some signals from UFOs that people shouldn’t leave Earth. That happened, for sure.


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