Rare Paralysis in Children: Doctors Don’t Know What Is Going on


There have been some cases of acute flaccid myelitis that affected more than 200 children last year. However, doctors don’t know much about the disease.

Last year, officials had to deal with a record number of cases of this rare neurological condition. It causes limb weakness and paralysis.

People from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have stated that they are still trying to understand the disease – A.F.M. however, they observed that the illness tends to emerge in late summer and early fall.

A.F.M has to do with sudden muscle weakness in arms and legs, stiffness in the neck, eyelids or face drooping muscles, slurred speech, and problems when it comes to swallowing. There are also cases of paralysis.

We had to deal with the largest outbreak out there.

Since 2014, 570 cases were recorded, and when C.D.C started to track the condition, they found out that it seems that it appears every two years, from August to October. In 2018, 233 cases were recorded in 41 states, and this represented the largest outbreak reported.

In other years, there have been cases, but not as many, and in 2019, so far there are 11 confirmed cases. Doctors advise parents to be aware of the possible symptoms and go to seek professional help as soon as they suspect something.

They don’t have an explanation so far on why it happens every two years. However, they are aware that they need to be careful and rapidly detect the cases. They need to investigate each and every case and prepare for the worst.

As of now, there is no cure. However, doctors said that there were some indications that “early and aggressive physical therapy and rehabilitation” can help children in getting back some function and strength.


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