Overweight Priest Loses Six Stone and Reverses Diabetes Diagnosis in Months Thanks to Pioneering Diet


Everybody knows that it’s not easy to lose weight, especially if you have some health issues. A lot of people have started this quest, but failed for various reasons. The ones who succeeded managed to change their lives in an unexpected way.

Father Paul Lomas is one of those brave people who, despite the fact that he was diagnosed with diabetes, didn’t spare any effort in his attempt to lose weight. The priest is serving the Lomashe Sacred Heart Church from Heald Green and became famous for changing his life in a revolutionary way.

Father Lomas managed to reverse his diabetes diagnosis after losing six stone as a result of a pioneering diet

The priest was tired of carrying all those extra killos around. However, he couldn’t start any diet he wanted because he had been diagnosed with diabetes. Even so, he decided to sign up for a pioneering program with a star component: a diet which allows the subject to consume 800 calories a day. This idea is part of the Big Crash Diet Experiment produced by BBC Horizon.

Despite his health issue, father LPmas, who is now 64 years old, managed to lose six stone in a few months, but the best part is that his diabetes reversed. Who could imagine that a weight loss program could be so effective?

During this revolutionary diet, the priest had to give up the habit of eating three meals with three courses a day. The plan is called Cambridge Weight Plan and it’s based on drastically reducing the daily calories intake.

Apart from going to 4500 calories per day to maximum 800 calories, the priest had the support of his consultant, Darren Donohue. As a result, he managed to reach his objective fast. Now he’s sharing his story because he wants to serve as an example for people who tried everything to lose weight.


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