Nissan Targets 1 Million Electric Cars In Sales By The End Of 2023


Nissan, the Japanese automaker, said earlier that it wants to multiply by more than six times its annual sales of electric cars by 2023. Thus, Nissan aims to sell 1 million electric cars units.

Nissan goes with the environmental standards

The group, pioneering electric technology with the “Leaf City: it launched in 2010, is now facing tough competition, while most manufacturers are turning away from the conventional combustion engine in a context of tightening environmental standards.

However, Nissan sold 163,000 electric cars, during the last year, which include pure electric cars and those equipped with the e-POWER system, an electric propulsion with a gas engine to allow the recharge of the battery of the vehicle.

According to his detailed forecast, Nissan hopes to achieve with its future electric cars, by 2025, half of its sales in Japan and Europe, 20% to 30% in the United States, and 35% to 40% in China.

These ambitious plans are part of Nissan’s medium-term plan, which should enable it to reach an annual turnover of 16,500 billion yen in 2022-2023, which would mean an addition of 30% compared to 2016/17.

Nissan’s rival, Toyota, targets higher in terms of sales for its electric or hybrid models

Its Japanese rival, Toyota, had announced at the end of 2017 its intention to achieve, by 2030, at least 50% of its global sales with electric and hybrid vehicles (fuel/electric), against the 15%, at the moment.

Regarding its plans for autonomous driving, Nissan said “not to have changed its testing program”, carried out with “a small fleet of vehicles,” after the accident of an autonomous vehicle of Uber which cost the life of a pedestrian on Monday, in the United States. Toyota, in contrast, has decided to suspend its tests, arguing the “emotional” impact on his teams of drivers.

In conclusion, Nissan targets 1 million electric cars in sales by the end of 2030, trying to match the new trends in the context of environmental standards.

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