New Paper Reveals that an Extra-Terrestrial Cyberattack is More Likely Than We Could Imagine


If you think about an alien invasion, according to sources, a cyberattack is definitely not the first thing that pops into your mind. However, according to two astrophysicists, this scenario is not an impossible one. They published a paper where they explained that aliens could send a message from outer space.

The two astrophysicist who wrote this article are John Learned from University of Hawaii and Michael Hippke from the Sonneberg Observatory in Germany. According to them, extra-terrestrial creatures could send a malicious message that will affect the Earth.

In the article they also mention that this message could be an “existential threat”, and it would be impossible to “decontaminate with certainty”. While the paper is not published in an well known academic archive, the idea behind it is definitely unique.

Could a message eradicate humans?

“While it has been argued that sustainable ETI is unlikely to be harmful, we [cannot] exclude this possibility. After all, it is cheaper for ETI to send a malicious message to eradicate humans compared to sending battleships,” the article reads.

The researchers believe that aliens could try to make the population panic. For example they might come with a threat like “We will make your sun go supernova tomorrow.” They also added that aliens could send complex messages that could only be deciphered by computers. And this way, aliens could unleash their malware.

However, other experts soon came to contradict the two researchers. One of them is Seth Shostak, an astronomer from the SETI Institute. “If these nasty aliens are more than 40 light-years away, they won’t know that we have personal computers, let alone which operating system they should target. If they’re more than 80 light-years away, they won’t know that we have computers of any kind. Maybe they’ll try to disable our abacuses,” he explained.

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