NASA’s NuSTAR Telescope Confirms that Cosmic Rays are Coming from Eta Carinae


A new study that was published recently takes a look at the astonishing Eta Carinae, which is a two-star system that is located around 7,500 light years away from Earth. Astronomers used NASA’s NuSTAR space telescope in order to explore this intense place that is capable of sending cosmic rays even to our planet.

The stellar system that is firing cosmic rays off into space

While the twin stars of this binary star system spin around each other, they are able to produce extremely powerful stellar winds, thus creating a very turbulent place. One of these two stars is 90 times the mass of our Sun, while the other is 30 times the mass. It seems that every five and a half years, the enormous stars complete a full rotation. It is also known that the stars orbit each other quite closely and at the moment when they reach their closest distance, they are only approx. 140 million miles apart. According to NASA, this is almost the same as the distance between the Sun and Mars.

Charged particles are constantly being sent into space by the stars, at exceptionally high speeds. Also, it looks like the wind of the larger star is colliding with the wind of the smaller one. Because of this, huge waves of energy are being fired off into space, with some of the energy reaching our solar system. Up until this point, astronomers did not seem to be completely sure of where exactly this energy is coming from, but the mystery has been finally solved, due to the data provided by the NuSTAR telescope.

No threat for the blue planet

The scientists knew that the origin of these energetic emissions was “the region around Eta Carinae”, as the main investigator of NuSTAR, Fiona Harrison stated, but the evidence was missing until now. These waves of energy that are aiming at us were given the name of “cosmic ray gun” by NASA, and in scientists’ opinion, they do not pose any threat to Earth due to its distance to the volatile system.

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