NASA’s New Satellite will be Soon Looking for Exoplanets


It seems that even if the Kepler telescope is finishing its fuel, a new satellite is beginning its journey to track down other planets. This year, on 18th of April, the Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS) was sent into space by NASA, in order to start searching for new planets. One month later after its launch, we can observe a test image comprised of 200,000 stars in our galaxy. This was taken by the satellite as it went through some testing.

Recent news from NASA

According to a statement made by NASA on Wednesday, the spacecraft, along with its four cameras are in good shape. Apparently, the testing is set to continue until the end of this month, when TESS is expected to begin its real cruise. As for the Kepler telescope, which is the earlier planet hunter, it looks like it could be ready to end its space tour. Because the craft is running out of fuel, it was put to sleep on 7th of July, which means that all scientific actions were paused.

However, the Kepler telescope has some important data left to be retrieved. The fact that it was put into a hibernation state will allow the scientists to send the information back to Earth. After this, the spacecraft is expected to go back to its mission on 6th of August, but NASA is still predicting that its fuel will be used up in the upcoming months.

A new satellite to take over the search for planets

Since the Kepler telescope will be exhausting its fuel soon, NASA is making sure that TESS is prepared to start its exploration for exoplanets. The new satellite will be able to examine a 400 times larger region than the one that Kepler was monitoring.


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