NASA’s New Horizons Spacecraft will share images of Ultima Thule by New Year


A new year means a first step towards the future. These days, everybody is getting ready to welcome 2019 and people have their hopes up for a fresh start. The brave team from NASA is always looking towards the future, so they will end 2018 in the same way as they started it – working.

It couldn’t be otherwise, because the Space Agency is in the middle of an important mission. The New Horizons spacecraft is ready to explore unknown worlds and items from outer space. This means that NASA’s ”soldier” is getting closer and closer to Ultima Thule, the mysterious object spotted some time ago.

The event will happen on December 31st, even if it is the New Years’ day. On this occasion, New Horizons will be closer than ever to Ultima Thule. Over the last two weeks, scientists monitored the spacecraft’s trajectory and corrected it.

New Horizons is very close to revealing important data about Ultima Thule

They surveillance is supposed to make sure that New Horizons keeps the right track and collects as much information as it can about the strange object. They also wanted to avoid the spacecraft’s crashing into other items from our Solar System.

The closer New Horizons gets, the brighter Ultima becomes. Very soon, the spacecraft will have better visibility, because it will fly past the mysterious item at a very close distance from its surface (around 2,200 miles). According to scientists’ calculations, this is the optimal path.

Once it reaches its destination, New Horizons will be able to provide researchers clear images and important data. This information will be used for finding out more about a strange item and possibly a world that we don’t know anything about. The team will share their findings as soon as they know more.


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