NASA Is Opening The International Space Station for Tourists


NASA has made an excellent announcement for curious people and space enthusiasts. The decision is that from now, regular citizens, not only certified astronauts, can get on board of the International Space Station. Marketing and commercial activities are allowed too. Of course, visiting the International Space Station won’t come cheap. NASA has a fee of $35.000 per night for private companies that will also use the station’s facilities.

NASA and its Space Station

The fact that NASA is opening its International Space Station is for commercial business for the U.S industry innovation. NASA wants to concentrate on the goal of landing the first woman and next man on the Moon by 2024, and for that, the American companies will play a huge role in the sustainable presence.

Besides this, NASA is continuing with the testing in low-Earth orbit for its lunar plans exploration. In the meantime, NASA is working with the private sector for testing the technologies, for training the astronauts, and to strengthen the space economy. By allowing companies the use of the International Space Station, they could manufacture, market, and promote commercial products. This will help them to expand space exploration for other businesses in this department.

Also, NASA has planned to create the opportunity for private astronaut missions to the Space Station. This will enable the retail destinations to the low-Earth orbit. So new activities will be brought to the market by both the supply side and the demand side for the new economy. For example, Las Vegas-based Company Bigelow Aerospace is one of the companies that are planning to use SpaceX’s rockets for tourism. The company will deliver four tourists at a specific date to the International Space Station.

Finally, more than 50 companies are conducting commercial activities on the Space Station, and the results are promising.


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