NASA Finally States Whether Aliens are Real or Not


For a long period of time, people have kept wondering if aliens exist or not. This idea has been played out in movies, TV shows and fiction alike, and the answers are always contradictory. However,  people like to flirt with the idea that there is some form of alien life out there in the universe. So, with all this in mind, it is about time that NASA scientists state their thoughts on the matter

Aliens – real or fake?

The biggest questions on everyone’s mind “Are we alone in this vast universe or are there other life forms out there?” has just been answered in an event that happened in Los Angeles for One Strange Rock. A Canadian astronaut, Chris Hadfield, decided to speak his mind. He said that NASA has proved that every star in the Universe has a number of planets around it.

If you were to do the math, there are around 1 septillion stars in the universe, David Kornreich said. His expertise is validated by his profession as he is an astronomer. And that number could be even bigger. If each star had just one planet near it, mathematically speaking there is a big chance that there are other life forms. However, there is no clear evidence that there is some other form of life that mirrors humans.

This argument is not supported by all scientists. Some of them believe that Earth is truly unique in the universe. Yes, NASA has found forms of life, and by that, we mean that they found molecules and fossils on other planets. This does not mean that the next big thing is going to be finding aliens that travel around space in spaceships. Real life is not a direct mirror of what science fiction has thought of. More research needs to bbe done until this question can be answered.

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