Mysterious Orbs Near the Galactic Center


In the center of our galaxy, we can find a large number of things and many others that are hidden from sight and which cause us to feel like there is something that we do not know. One of these enigmas is a series of gas clouds which looks like it is not pulled by the immense gravity of the galactic center in any way, shape or form.

More about this phenomenon

A group of scientist decided to use the Keck Observatory, and in the process, they discovered these strange clouds. They reported their finding immediately to the American Astronomical Society Meeting in Denver, which took place just this week. The biggest controversies surrounding these clouds were their origins, their purpose and what they will turn out to be.

The second object of this nature was named G2, and it was spotted during 2012. It looked to be a cloud made up of gas three times the size of our planet. However, the strange thing happened when this gas cloud passed close to the black hole at the center of the Milky Way, and the object managed to survive. This is indeed curious since the proximity to the black hole ensured that it would get disintegrated when ti got close to the black hole.

Three more objects of this nature have been picked up by researchers, and they have been named G3, G4, and G5. Scientists believe these objects to be stars surrounded by a cloud of gas. Now, as of yet, it is still unclear if the newly discovered objects are the same as G1 and G2 or if they have different compositions. The only way to find out if they are the same is to wait until the reach the same proximity to the black hole as G2 did. Until then there is not much testing that can be done.

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