Moon, Jupiter and Saturn will light up the sky at the weekend


The universe is planning a surprise for those who are astronomy aficionados. In just a few days, the Moon, Jupiter and Saturn are going to make the sky brighter because the three celestial objects are going to be visible on the night sky at the same time.

The date and the circumstances to see the trio

Between August 9th and 11th, the three space bodies will align on the night sky. Starting on Friday, on the 9th, the moon will become visible while the sun is still in the sky. This type of moon that can be seen on the day sky is called a waxing gibbous moon and, while it is still not a full moon, it is not much until it reaches this stage. By nightfall, the satellite is going to rise up in the sky and approach Jupiter. In the following days, it will also reach Saturn. Both Saturn and Jupiter are expected to illuminate the dark sky during the whole night.

The event can be observed from all around the globe with the single difference that the trio are going to be indifferent positions depending on zone you are living.

Just last month, between July 13th and 16th, the moon could be seen for the first time between the two planets. Then, in September, the moon is going to rise again between the two planets and be visible to everyone on Earth.

The conjunction of the moon, Jupiter and Saturn are a prologue to another important event. In 2020, at the end of December, Jupiter and Saturn will be in conjunction. This conjunction received the name of ‘The Great Conjunction’. Great conjunctions are happening every 18-20 years due to the lengthy orbits around the Sun of the two planets. The last conjunction happened in May 2000.


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