Mining Malware was used by Hackers for 400,00 Computers


Since cryptocurrency is the latest wave, it is no surprise that hackers have started to use it for their own interests. This happened recently in a massive attack. This time, cryptocurrency mining malware was used, and around 400,000 computers were affected, most of them in East European countries such as Ukraine and Russia.

The attack took place om March 6 and it lasted for almost 12 hours. Most of the affected computers were placed in Russia, around 73%. Others were placed in Turkey and others in Ukraine, but there are other countries involved as well.

How did the attack take place?

This attack was a coordinated one and it attempted to defeat the antivirus defense of the personal computer systems. Luckily for users, some of the attacks were blocked by Windows Defender. The research team that is developing AV, made a short announcement. It explained that there was complex Trojans that “exhibited advanced cross-process injection techniques, persistence mechanisms, and evasion methods”.

It appears that around 400 000 computers were targeted. However, this attack was recognized by the antivirus software, which means that the attacks could be blocked right away. The team behind Windows Defender explain that this attack used a kind of malware that attempted to inject the malicious code by penetrating the explorer.exe technique. Then there was another explorer.exe that downloaded and ran the miner.

The cryptocurrency miner was hidden and it appeared as wuauclt.exe, which seemed to be a normal windows binary at first sight. However, the antivirus program managed to recognize all these attempts. The miner was supposed to mine Electroneum, which is a less known coin that also uses mobile mining that is app based. Malware also generated traffic that was really suspicious, and the command and control server were located on the Name coin infrastructure.

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