Is Living with Dementia Possible? Laurie Scherrer Talks About It


The story from today has Laurie Scherrer as the main character. She used to be a workaholic sales executive all until she started to lose the ability to perform easy math calculations and forget her customers. At age 55, five years ago, she was diagnosed with frontotemporal dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Not good news at such an early age.

Mrs. Scherrer said that she sprang into action after a “self-inflicted pity party.” She started creating her plans so while the disease progresses, she will still have an active life without being in danger or depending on someone’s help.

In addition to that, she said that this was one of the best decisions she has ever made because she began to appreciate the beauty and joy around her.

Now for the legal front part, a lawyer has already dropped up documents which make a brother of MRS. Scherrer’s, her husband and a cousin take financial and medical decisions when the disease will take over all she can do.

Mrs. Scherrer has also included learning the most about her condition into her plan. During her researches, she discovered the Dementia MEntors international group which helped her come in contact, through an online video chat, with another person suffering from the same disease as her. She said that she is also part of a virtual memory cafe where a couple of people are talking about their experiences with their disease and together laugh as time goes on.

She was told that in order to be independent as long as possible she must recognize what makes her symptoms aggravate and make her routine in such a way that she will no longer come upon them. For example, as noise makes her confuse, MRS. Scherrer shops early in the morning so she will have a nice grocery shopping experience.


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