Interstellar Asteroid Originates from a 2-star System


The first interstellar visitor we had, an asteroid, is likely to have come from a 2-star system, as scientists have recently discovered. The astronomers have been stunned by the strange object shaped like a cigar, which passed through our solar system in the fall 2017.

A New Discovery

Alan Jackson, who works at the University of Toronto, reported on Monday about the asteroid. The asteroid is the first object in our solar system that was confirmed to have originated in a different place. Most likely, this came from a binary star system. This refers to two stars that orbit a common center. Jackson and his team declared that most likely, the asteroid was removed from the system when the planets formed.

What’s more, the asteroid has been wandering through the interstellar space ever since. This research appeared in the Royal Astronomical Society’s journal called Monthly Notices.

An Interesting Asteroid

The asteroid we’re talking about has been discovered some millions of kilometers away from our planet back in October. To discover it, scientists used a telescope in Hawaii. The name of this object is Oumuamua, which is a Hawaiian word that means ‘scout’ or ‘messenger from afar that arrives first’. It is, in fact, a red-tinged rock, and scientists estimate it might be 400 meters long. He is heading away from the Earth and sun at a speed higher than 26 km/second.

But why is it so important? According to Jackson, the curious object can let scientists know more about the formation process of planets in other systems. The research is similar to the one they apply to the comets, to gain a better understanding of planet formation here, in our own solar system. The close binary star system can be the culprits for most interstellar objects found out there, whether we’re talking about rocky asteroids or icy comets.

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