Intensive Workout May Help you Live Longer


Physical exercises are an age-old habit that will help you leave a healthier, longer life. Aging is affected by a variety of factors, like genetics, smoking, diet and social activities, but physical activity –or the lack of physical activity-, is a major influence when it comes to aging into a healthy and energetic senior citizen. A regular routine will keep your hearth strong, your body flexible and even reduce the risk of severe maladies like cancer and the degeneration of the cognitive function.

The US Centers for disease and Control prevention are encouraging people to exercise for a minimum amount of 150 minutes of moderate activity (or 75 when it comes to intense exercises) per week in order to keep their body healthy.  While many people are not able to reach those numbers, an obvious question appears: are they really that useful?

A recently published article argues that they do. More specifically, people that engage in easy to moderate exercises have a positive effect on your body. Those that favored moderate activities will live up to five years longer in comparison to people that are sedentary.

One study observed the exercise habit of more 650,000 people in order to measure the effects. It was revealed that the participants which followed the CDC guidelines had a significantly lower risk of dying prematurely, up 20 % lower when compared to people that avoided any exercise. The risk is even lower for people that doubled the minimum time, with a death risk that was 31% lower. Those that exercised for thrice the minimum requirement or more were capped at a lower risk of 39%, which is quite impressive.

It is surprising that intensive physical activity may not be as healthy in the long run as it was previously thought, at least according to some researchers. While one study noted that male marathon runners have a greater risk of developing calcium plaque in their coronary arteries, another study argues that he risk is lower for female athletes, in comparison to sedentary persons.

A Finish study observed that life-long athletes had a generally lower mortality rate, and newer studies seem to corroborate this fact, as a 2018 study estimates that professional athletes are less prone to develop cancer.

Our advice is to practice a moderate routine (if you aren’t a dedicated sportsman) and to avoid a sedentary lifestyle.

If you enjoy intense workouts, be sure to check your heart regularly in order to prevent undesirable complications.


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