Humans need to leave Earth before it’s too late


It seems that time is running out for human civilisation, as a cosmic cataclysm could render the Earth uninhabitable, and space experts believe that leaving the planet before it is too late is our only chance of survival.


65 billion years ago, an asteroid impacted Earth around the modern day Mexico area, and kick started a chain of global events which led to the extinction of dinosaurs.

In September 1859 a powerful solar storm called the Carrington Event threw enough energy at the Earth to provoke widespread blackouts and power grid failures if it hit today.

Dark future

It’s estimated that in about six billion years from now, our Sun will expand into a Red Giant star, swallowing Mercury, Venus and perhaps Earth too.

Threats like this make scientists concerned about the future of mankind. Usually, it is hard to predict when a cosmic threat is imminent.

Astronomers at NASA and the European Space Agency have a general idea about the number of asteroids orbiting the Earth that pose a threat.

Back in 2013 a rogue space rock exploded over Chelyabinsk Oblast (Russia), proving that there are plenty of dangers from outer space that we are not prepared to overcome.


Back in 2016 a micronation was founded: Asgardia – the world’s first space nation, having their goal set to establishing human presence in space.

While not being officially recognised as a nation-state, Asgardia’s founders think that humanity should shoot for the stars in the name of science and progress. Their main motivation is the fact that an asteroid strike or solar flares might be lethal for human race and those are extremely unpredictable at times, just like it happened in 2013 in Russia. Their goal is to offer protective platforms and generally safety from natural or man-made threats for everybody.


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