Huge Asteroid Flies Past Earth at a Distance Closer Than The Moon


There have been 17 huge asteroids that passed close to our planet during 2018, but one of them got closer than expected! An asteroid that is bigger than an average cricket filed recently flew past Earth. Even though the asteroid flew at a safe distance, it was still closer to Earth than the moon has ever been. The asteroid has been named as 2010 WC9 by scientists and it is the only asteroid to fly at only 126,000 mile away from Earth.

Huge Asteroid Flies by Earth

The distance at which the huge asteroid flew by past Earth is half the distance between the moon and our planet. Things get even crazier than this since the asteroid flew at a speed of 29,000 miles per hour which means that it was faster than a bullet and it measured at almost 130 meters in diameters.

NASA Knew About It

“We knew enough not to be worried” stated Dr. Paul Chodas who is the director of the Center of Near-Earth Object studies at NASA in Pasadena, California. Dr. Paul Chodas also added the following statement: “There are no objects that have been identified that are known to be on a collision course with Earth”.

Despite Dr. Paul Chodas’s reassurance that we have nothing to fear, it is worth mentioning that an asteroid the size of 2010 WC9 hits our planet every 6,000 years. Nonetheless, this asteroid was spotted by the folks who work at the Catalina Sky Survey of University of Arizona back on 30th November 2010.

Therefore, the analysts determined that even though the huge asteroid is going to fly close to Earth, its not going to present any real threat and that’s why 2010 WC9 didn’t receive that much media coverage.

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