Hubble just Uncovered an Interesting Galaxy Close to our Own


It looks like astronomers have started to use the Hubble Space Telescope in order to uncover previously unknown planets and systems in space. Their most recent finding is about a “relic galaxy” that is very close to our own.

This finding was published on the 12th of March in the online issue of Nature.

Why is it called that?

The name was given because this galaxy seems to have stayed the same way for the past 10 billion years. This discovery gives scientists the opportunity to look at how galaxies form and evolve over a long period of time.

This galaxy has been named NGC 1277 and scientists have already started to analyze it.

All that you need to know about NGC 1277

One of the first things that scientists have observed about this odd galaxy is that it has double the amount of stars than the amount that our galaxy has but, when it comes to size, NGC 1277 is one fourth the size of Milky Way. The reason why this galaxy stopped expanding and growing in size could be attributed to the fact that it failed to get more material in order to grow bigger. This galaxy could have grown bigger if it would have absorbed surrounding galaxies.

This galaxy is almost in the center of the Perseus cluster and is 240 million light years away from our galaxy. The problem with NGC 1277 is that it moves very far in the cluster of galaxies which does not let it absorb other galaxies in order to grow bigger. This galaxy is also special because a black hole can be found at the center of it, a hole that is too large for the size of the galaxy.

Further research

In 2019 NASA is going to launch the James Webb Space Telescope. This will allow scientists to measure up NGC 1277, along with many others, in order to find out more information.

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