Google Assistant’s Routines And Their Purpose


Google Assistant’s routines are the latest appearance on the app market. Ever since people started to talk about them, many question marks arose around the subject. Even though some voices talked about them since last September, Google officially announced them in October, but until last month there were no signs of this app. Last month, Google said that routines will be launched in US in the following weeks, so, even if you are curious to see how they look like and how they work, you will have to wait until then.

What are the routines and what is their purpose?

Although the app hasn’t been installed on any phone yet and even if it hasn’t been officially introduced, we found out the basics about the routines from the live we just saw on their support page. Next, we will tell you what we have found out.

To start, we mention that there will be 6 routines, each of them connected to a certain moment of the day or a certain action. We have Good Morning, Bedtime, I’m home, Commuting to work, Leaving home and Commuting home. You will be able to use Commuting to work and Commuting home only from your phone, so you cannot use it from Google Home. Another interesting fact is that the routines can be triggered by voice, so you or your guests can perform individual actions on each one.

On the other hand, we have some bad news. Each routine comes with a pre-set of limited actions, so you won’t be able to use it in the style of smart appliances. For example, Good morning will help you start the day by taking your phone off silent, tell you the possible weather, play music or news on the radio. Bedtime will set an alarm, adjust lights and thermostat from your bedroom and more. Leaving home and I’m home will make your working hours easier and help you relax while at home, while Commuting to work and Commuting home will turn your Android or iOS phone into remotes for several devices from your house or office.

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