Giant Leap for Mankind – 4G Now on the Moon?


For us, 4G phone connections are a normal thing. They have become the most popular form for a fast, reliable internet connection. In order to break boundaries and establish new goals, Vodafone, Nokia and a couple of other phone companies are looking forward to installing 4G connections on the moon with the help of lunar rovers.

Selfies on the moon or scientific research

For those of you that felt their heart skip a beat at the thought of having internet connection in the future on the moon, we would like to clear some things up. If you thought that this is a new stunt made for either public sensation or a new internet or Instagram challenge, we are sorry to disappoint you. The purpose of these rovers is going to be for scientific research only. The only thing that may be different is that future astronaut that land on the moon will be able to live stream what they see for all of us to watch.

The purpose of this endeavor

The plan is very simple in nature but it is going to take some time for it to come to fruition. Nokia equipment is going to link Audi lunar rovers with the 4G network connection. It will be used to stream scientific data and also high-quality video material of the moon. The partners that are teaming up with these phone companies want to have a 1800 MHz band that is going to transmit footage from the moon to serves in Berlin. The plan is to also have a live stream of the moon running online so that people could watch it whenever they want

When will this idea be put into practice

It looks like we will have to wait for a while until we see this dream become a reality. The equipment is probably going to be launched next year on the next SpaceX Falcon 9.

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