Fuel-free Space Travel – Is It Possible?


NASA has been trying to create a fuel-free engine which doesn’t discharge any mass. Is there a way to succeed in such a project?

The newest technology regarding space travel

The EmDrive was first mentioned over 10 years ago which would later become a revolutionary type of propulsion technology. It would be the most sublime solution for space travel without using any quantity of fuel. The way in which it would work is that the microwaves would produce thrust by being forced out of a metal cone. Early NASA tests of this prototype showed that it had produced thrust, a sufficient amount to accelerate a spacecraft due to the lack of gravity in space.

The EmDrive vs. the laws of physics?

The idea of giving up on fuel and go fuel-free would innovate space missions but the EmDrive’s microwaves can’t produce any thrust when they exit the metal cone. This proves that no matter how useful and beneficial a prototype is, physics should always be taken into account. But didn’t NASA detect a small sign of thrust in early results? Unfortunately, researchers from Germany have published a new research paper regarding the EmDrive’s controversy and the results aren’t in NASA’s favour. The electromagnetic interaction between the Earth’s and the engine’s electromagnetic field might have affected the final results. The detected thrust is just a result of the electromagnetic field which in fact would have been none if it hadn’t been exposed to it.

Such an invention didn’t go unnoticed because there are some scientists who are still interested in the EmDrive’s capacity. This was unfortunate news for those who have already started dreaming about journeying through the galaxy without fuel. There’s still hope that with a bit of improvement, people will succeed in making the EmDrive work.

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